Ultravision Films and Video Production

Ultravision Video Productions was founded in 1985 by Jack Ballo. The company worked on numerous types of video productions, ranging from cable TV programs, commercials, special events, sports and legal services, to all types of corporate and business productions. By 1990, Ultravision grew into a full production facility with 10 employees.

Ultravision Bio Page image 1After twenty years in business, Ballo downsized Ultravision and started working on humanitarian film projects in addition to Ultravision’s corporate video work. From concept to completion, Ballo writes, shoots and edits most of his productions himself. His corporate background includes promotional videos, training, instructional, product and safety, as well as creating meeting presentations and website videos.

Ultravision Bio Page image 2In 2008, Ultravision Films produced their first humanitarian film in the Dominican Republic called A Crisis Observed. Ultravision made the film for CitiHope International, a nonprofit that transports medical supplies to poverty stricken areas around the world. Ultravision's latest documentary, Destiny’s Bridge, is about a homeless encampment in New Jersey where 80 people lived in the woods for 8 years. Other films include stories about social justice, education as well as information about cancer prevention, poverty and other important social issues.

In between making films for important causes, Ultravision produces high quality corporate videos. Ultravision discovered a rewarding balance in making documentaries that support important social issues, while producing high quality video productions for corporate clients.





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