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Over the last 28 years, Ultravision has produced numerous film projects and video productions ranging from cable TV programs, special events and sports to corporate and business productions. Ultravision eventually grew into a full production facility with 13 young employees working hard with hopes of financial success while paying little attention to the problems of the world. After twenty years in business, owner Jack Ballo was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Shortly after, he downsized his company and moved to upstate New York, living full time in a mountainside cabin. After recovering from his radiation treatment in 2006, Ballo produced his first humanitarian film, A CRISIS OBSERVED, for CitiHope International, a nonprofit that transports medical supplies to poverty stricken areas around the world. Filmed in the Dominican Republic, it changed Ultravision's direction from a commercial business to producing documentaries and supporting nonprofits. "After you complete a corporate film that you put your heart and soul into, all you get is a check" Ballo said. "When you finish a documentary that supports a cause, you made a difference."

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Since that first humanitarian project, Ultravision has produced many more films that support charities and causes that need exposure, while telling the world about interesting people with a passion to help others. Ultravision’s last documentary, BEFORE YOU LEAVE, about a woman’s search for the truth about her adoption, won Best Short Documentary at its premiere in 2012. Earlier productions include stories that support the homeless, social justice, education as well as information about cancer prevention, third world poverty and other important issues society needs to understand before they can contribute to change.

DESTINY’S BRIDGE, Ultravision's latest film, was released in 2013. It’s about new ideas in housing the homeless. After several trips to the Dominican Republic, and an award winning documentary about a man building small houses for the poor, Ballo realized that small houses may be the answer to the homeless crisis in the United States. When Ballo learned that the founder of the Tent Ultravision Bio Page image 2City camp in Lakewood, NJ had a vision for a homeless community of small homes called Destiny’s Bridge, he knew immediately that he found his next documentary.





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